Sunday, July 31, 2011

The age limit on foreign used cars was raised from four years to six years.

Great news for the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. Minister Stephen Cadiz announced that Cabinet raised the age limit on foreign used cars from four to six years.

"Until Trinidad and Tobago can get a public transport system that caters to 99% of the population like what happens in metropolitan areas, people have a right to move around with a certain amount of ease."

Now 4 Years to 6 years roll on roll off foreign used cars means more affordable options for you the consumer.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Japan Direct Limited

Company Name: Japan Direct Limited

Japan Direct Limited have been importing quality pre-owned vehicles for over two years and are renowned for our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We are linked to a network of dealers throughout Japan and are confident of their ability and commitment to supply quality units to us including spare parts.

Over the years, Japan Direct Limited has imported units ranging from small passenger sedans to large commercial trucks. With our vast experience, you can be assured that importing your next pre-owned vehicle will be hassle free once purchased from Japan Direct Limited. Let us therefore be the preferred supplier of your next pre-owned vehicle.

In our quest to provide customers in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean with access to selected, quality imported pre-owned vehicles, Japan Direct Limited has provided you, our valued customer with this website. Here, you can have direct access to hundreds of units to suit your every need. You can be confident that the unit you have chosen will be of a high quality, giving you reliable, excellent service and which above all, will be fairly priced.

At Japan Direct Limited, we have carefully researched and selected our suppliers and do not import pre-owned units from companies who supply vehicles:

* that are of inferior quality (i.e. damaged and repaired),
* that have had the odometer reset to show a less than true mileage or
* where the actual age has been tampered with.

As such, you will not see vehicles from particular suppliers on this web site.

We trust that this website, apart from giving you direct access to hundreds of units to choose from and to suit your every need, will also be informative. Your suggestions on how we can enhance our service through this website will be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail us with your suggestions.

Thanks for visiting us today!

The Team at Japan Direct Limited.

Eagle Engineering Services

Company Name: Eagle Engineering Services

Quality Used Japanese Roll on Roll off Vehicles

Dream Carz

Company Name: Dream Carz


Dream Carz. A COMPANY FOUNDED ON THE CONCEPT THAT a dream once explored and discovered can become a reality.

Dream Carz was created by owner Jody Ali based on a dream for himself and others to access an online automobile environment which is user friendly, knowledgeable and up to date with the latest variety of local and foreign automobiles in demand.

Dream Carz Mission is to provide a virtual store of an assortment of local and foreign brand name automobiles and partz sourced for domestic sale, at competitive prices with fast and reliable delivery and support services.

To support this mission Dream Carz have created a vast showroom with quality and timely information on an array of brand named automobiles, as well as, a question and answer forum with young, yet experienced and automobile experts, who provide recommendations and solutions to assist our visitors in transforming their dreamz into a reality by owning their dream car and partz.

Dream Carz web page serves as a powerful tool to help visitors interpret and actualize their dreamz. Dream Carz recognize that no one is a better expert at finding their dream than themselves. Our web page encourages visitors to explore and offer a suggestive starting point for discovering their own dream car or partz.

Dreams help to point you along the road of your mission or role in life. Whatever your dreamz, we aspire to provide you with the dream car to give you a comfortable and fun ride along the road to achieving your mission in life!


Company Name:


We are providers of Quality Pre-Owned Japanese Vehicles, within the Caribbean Region. We offer both Passenger and Commercial Units.

We are the Pioneers and the most experienced importers/exporters of Roll-on Roll-off vehicles.

We have imported over 3000 vehicles for customers from every area of T & T from September 1998 to present and we continue to enjoy reports of completely satisfied customers.

We have spent a lot of time in Japan, and have a thorough understanding of the auction systems, and Auto Industry of Japan. We ensure that the cars we import are NOT "Accident Repaired" units (which can be imported for less as they cost less), as every car offered is checked, and quality is assured. We cannot guarantee the lowest prices on the market, but we can guarantee total quality, service and customer satisfaction.

We deal with a network of Japanese Exporters with an average available total stock base of over 4000 units. From these units we select the best of the best and make them available to you.

We try to encourage customers to purchase cars that are easily maintained, with local, and regional parts support. These will be models that are equivalent to those that were/are sold new at the NEW CAR Dealerships.

There are many other models available that are Japanese Domestic units, meaning that they were produced for the Japanese Domestic Market ONLY, and as such will make spares difficult and expensive to supply. Therefore, if there is something you need that you do not see available, please simply inquire for pricing.

Because of our conscious efforts to advise our clients of their best options, our customers are received well by the financial and insurance institutions. If you need assistance with financing or getting insurance for your vehicles, we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

We also offer:

* Full Parts Support
* T&T Automotive Classified


The key focus of Crism is our commitment to quality, service and savings; ie:

* a commitment to quality
* excellent customer service
* value for money
* hassle free purchase power, by using the best technology
* our extensive knowledge of the automobile industry
* superior inventory management
* complete after sales service and maintenance (Trinidad Only!)
* new and used parts
* warranty


Company Name: Carmax
About Carmax

Carmax is the used car division of Ansa Automotive Limited. We are a sister company of Diamond Motors, Classic Motors and Mc Enearney Motors. Carmax has five locations in Trinidad & Tobago and a single independently managed branch in Barbados.

At this point we carry top of the line local used vehicles from all dealerships within Trinidad & Tobago.
Financing and Insurance are available on site at the Carmax office and we offer acces to the lowest loan interest rates currently on the market for used cars. Our professional staff and sales persons can assist you with your every need.

We have a growing list of loyal customers that continue to refer us to their friends and family so the turnover of vehicles is constant. Interested persons can be assured of a new range from which to choose, upon every visit.

This website was developed in order to keep up with the quick pace of every day life and customers' need for accessing information and visuals quickly. The website enables customers to have images of all the cars available with specifications such as mileage, price, model and grades which are based on specified criteria. We strive to provide quality vehicles and service so that our customers feel confident that they are being well cared for.

CARMAX is the only location in T&T for "top quality used cars" and where your direct and others needs can be met.


Divisional Manager - Nebert M. Marin
Branch Manager - Aloysius Landeau
Sales Representative - Kenrick Phillips
Sales Representative - Debbie Ash
Sales Representative - Reynold Quamina
Sales Representative - Raully Smith (Tobago)
Sales Representative - Nigel Wilson (Tobago)

Dealership Support

This is part of what we term "The Carmax Advantage". No other used car dealer can boast of having genuine dealership support for service & parts.

Any vehicle purchased at Carmax can be taken to their respective dealerships to be serviced. Classic Motors, Mc Motors and Diamond Motors fully support Carmax.

Carmax Advantage

* Only 30% downpayment
* Warranty's available on most vehicles
* 5 Locations nationwide
* High Quality vehicles
* Financing & Insurance Available
* Website listing

Car-Too Auto Services

Company Name: Car-Too Auto Services


Due to the fact that we have a body shop to compliment the Office, that makes Car-too Auto Services Ltd. unique. If any vehicle comes with scratches we repaint it, we buff and polish all vehicles, tune-in radio, shampoo interior, change oil and basically run a thorough check-up before you take delivery of your vehicle.

Guarantee’s will be given based on different criteria. Basically, you can get a six month’s on engine and transmission for a vehicle that is under four years and one that is for personal use.

Any problems that customers may have, they can contact us and we will try our best to assist them in whatever way possible. The absolute best service is given to customers.

Our motto is “Customers always come first!”