Monday, June 22, 2009

CarTech Enterprises

Company Name: Cartech Enterprises

Cartech Enterprises is in the business of providing customers with Quality Roll-On Roll-Off Japanese vehicles at affordable prices. In compliance with the new legislation, Cartech Enterprises was certified by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Commerce in March 2003.

Our quality is what separates us from the rest. Over the past three years we have been importing quality vehicles for customers from every area in Trinidad & Tobago and we continue to enjoy reports of completely satisfied customers. If a vehicle were not up to our quality specifications we would not import it, even if it means losing business. We believe in HONESTY, INTEGRITY and QUALITY, and these are the fundamental principles by which we conduct our business and as such these are never compromised, regardless of the price.

Unlike most other Used Car companies, we are owned and managed by professionals with University and other Professional qualifications. This level of professionalism, coupled with our passion for the automotive industry, is evident in our business relationships with our Japanese Suppliers and with you, our valued customers.

Cartech Enterprises DOES NOT shop for cars on the Internet as NO QUALITY ASSURANCE can be ascertained (as you are simply buying a photo). It has been our experience that the Grading System for Vehicles is subjective and varies from supplier to supplier (a grade 4 to one supplier might be a grade 3.5 by another).

Therefore we have suppliers in Japan, to whom we have specified our quality criteria and as a result our vehicles are sourced with those criteria in mind. Our vehicles are imported WITHOUT scratches and dents and always in excellent condition, as our suppliers would first screen the vehicles in Japan before they are shipped to us. We do not import vehicles that require repairs nor "accident repaired" vehicles. These vehicles would obviously be cheaper but from our knowledge and experience in the industry, we are convinced that those are NOT "good buys" in the long run. Therefore, as previously mentioned, we prefer to lose that sale rather than compromise our position and mislead our client.

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